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Husband Finds Box Full Of Money, He Confronts His Wife And This Happens…


A very long marriage of more than 60 years was shared by a couple who were now elderly. The wife in the marriage had a box she kept in the closet which she told her husband to not ever open. Years and years went by as they lived their lives. Now, when the very old husband and wife were first married ages and ages ago the woman had been told something important by her grandmother, now long deceased.
          “The secret to a long and good marriage is to not ever argue, never to raise your voices with one another— Now, granddaughter, if your husband ever makes you angry, instead of hollering back at him, hold your tongue and crochet a small rag doll rather than fight to calm your nerves.” This old woman’s grandma had been extremely wise.
          It was now coming to be time when this old man’s wife was about to pass on. The man asked his wife while she lay on her deathbed if he could bring the box from the closet of all their years to her and could they open together? He was very curious about that box. The old man’s old wife said, “Sure, we can open it together.” The old man brought the box to his wife at the hospital. When he had done so they opened the box.
          The old man was very surprised when he saw what was in the box from so many of their years together. There were 2 crocheted rag dolls and $95,000 in cash money! “Wow,” said the old man “What is this about?” His elderly and now dying wife said to him, “My grandmother told me when we were married, that if I were ever angry with you that I should hold my tongue and crochet a small doll instead…” The old man was surprised, but also very happy that in all 60 years his wife had been angry with him only 2 times! “Well, what about all this money? The $95,000 here, too?” the husband asked.  … His wife said, “The money is what I made selling my dolls throughout our years!”