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I Was a Loner.’ When This 640-Pound Teen Began To Sing, His Life Turned Upside Down

16-year-old Justin Williamson was featured on “The Doctors” in order to discuss his health concerns. The teen weighs over 600 pounds.

After discussing his health problems with the panel of physicians, Williamson admitted that he does not like the life he is living. He is not happy and he does want to get better — but losing so much weight is difficult. Still, he is determined to make it happen.

Citing his love of singing, Williamson said that is what is pushing him to get healthier. He claims that once people know that he can sing, that they see who he truly is on the inside.

Regardless of his talent, however, Williamson realizes that he will never make it big if he does not lose weight. Simply put, there are no roles on Broadway for someone Justin Williamson’s size.

At the urging of the doctors on stage, Williamson takes the stage to perform “Amazing Grace” and absolutely stuns the audience. You can follow his weight loss journey