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Ilana Kolihanov Shows Us Her Skull Makeup Tutorial, Just In Time For Halloween

Ilana Kolihanov, an extremely talented makeup artist from Israel, demonstrates how to create the best skull makeup the internet has ever seen. The 21-year-old has the global social-media scene in awe with her phenomenal tutorials that show how to transform oneself with the use of a brush.

Ilana has also offered tutorials on creating amazing tiger and alien faces with everyday makeup tips. Although the commentary is in Hebrew, she makes the videos easy to follow along with her deliberate brush strokes.

Since posting her video titled Siberian Husky Makeup Tutorial clip, her gift has gone viral. Then again, it isn’t every day that a young artist transforms herself into mirror images of a dog or a skull with cosmetics.

She makes the artwork look extremely easy. She first uses an angle brush to create outlines; then she fills in with different colors and shades. As in her other videos, Ilana, a teacher at the Yarin Shahaf beauty school in Tel Aviv, talks about the process, but you don’t need to speak Hebrew to be wowed by the beauty specialist’s amazing skills.

According to her Facebook page, in addition to her teaching gig, she does body art and professional makeup for weddings and special events.

Her talent is truly indescribable.