Inebriated man pulls woman into the bushes after stalking her, pays the price

When a 21-year-old woman was attacked early in the morning of November 1, 2015, in Sheffield, England, the would-be attacker ended up being the looser instead of the winner. ITV reports that 35-year-old Jonathan Holmes attacked a young lady near the Nuffeild gym on Napier Street.

When the victim realized she was being followed, she tried repeatedly to shake him off her trail. Having been placed on edge by the knowledge that a man was stalking her, she placed her keys in her right hand in case she needed them for a weapon. When the attack came, The Star reports that she proceeded to scream and punch Holmes in the face and stomach with her keys. She even managed to bite his tongue. The woman’s cries caught the attention of people passing by, and they decided to chase down Holmes. As Holmes was fleeing, he tried to jump a railing and got hurt in the process. 
Between the injuries given to Holmes by his victim and the ones he sustained while trying to escape, The Star has dubbed Holmes as “Frankenstein.” Since Holmes had admitted to previous sexual assault, he was not in attendance at the trial, but was sentenced Dec.  1, 2015, from jail to four-and-a-half years in prison. 
Many in England are calling for this courageous victim to be given some sort of award. Others are heralding the good deeds of the passers-by, as they should. What could have been a disastrous situation for a young lady turned out to be disastrous for the predator because the woman was prepared and fought back.