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Intimidating Cop Walks Up To A Little Girl On The Street. Now Watch What He Does With Her!

Deputy Chief John Carmichael encountered two local neighborhood girls waiting at their bus stop. Carmichael, of the Walpole, MA Police Department, stopped to approach them.

He learned that the girls were named Molly and Sarah. They were innocently jumping rope. Then Carmichael did the unthinkable — and it’s caught on camera!

These days you don’t see cops doing this very often. In fact, in all my years, I’ve actually never seen it firsthand. The only time I can recall this kind of interaction between police and civilians are those wonderful cops who stopped to shoot hoops with a group of teenage boys.

It’s moments like this that deserve a little more media attention in contrast to the horror stories that seem to dominate the news.

“Always willing to positively engage with Walpole’s youth, DC Carmichael stopped to talk with them. What followed was an epic jump rope battle for neighborhood domination,” the Walpole PD wrote on Facebook.

Yep, that’s right. Carmichael stopped in the middle of the street to engage in one heck of a jump rope-off.

“Although he made a gallant effort, DC Carmichael’s advanced years were no match for the energy and vitality of youth,” they said.

See the hilarious moment that big old cop got schooled by little girls below.

video source: dailymail