I’ve Used This Tool To Peel Carrots, But He Shows Me I’ve Been Doing It Wrong

Everyone’s used a vegetable peeler before. They’re nearly as ubiquitous in kitchens as shower curtains are in bathrooms — and that’s saying something. That’s why it struck me with such surprise that I’ve been doing it wrong all these years!

It should be noted that there’s no true “wrong” way to peel a vegetable, so long as it gets peeled. That being said, his simple trick will surely save precious minutes in the kitchen, and that’s something we can all get behind. The truth is, though, that this could barely even be called a trick. It’s just the right way to use the tool!
While kitchens (and kitchen gadgets) rarely come with instruction manuals, there is in fact a “correct” way to use most things, and we often overlook these methods. Look no further than your aluminum foil roll — if you don’t have the tabs pressed in on the sides of the box, you’re using it wrong! Again, it’s not that you don’t end up with the same aluminum foil you would have otherwise, it’s just a bit easier to deal with once you realize the box’s (and the peeler’s) full potential.