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Jilted Lover Takes A Saw To All Joint Possessions Then Sells Them On eBay

This bad tempered German man seems to have gone out of his way to cut off his nose to spite his face. While he didn’t actually cut off his nose, he did take a saw to just about everything else which he owned. Following a breakup with his love, Laura, he decided to do something radical.

Having been with her for twelve years, there were a fair few shared purchases. So what did he do? Cut everything in half, of course. He then posted Laura’s half (or halves) back to her and put his on eBay. A truly psychotic process, this tech-savvy hero of heartbreak recorded himself cutting the various possessions in half and then put the video on YouTube.

Clearly, this man saw red
That said, even these calming green hues couldn’t calm him down

Would he still have done this to an iPhone 6? Probably.

German man cuts possessions in half to spite ex-girlfriend 1192894
The classic dispute over who’s on whose side of the bed has finally been solved
This is where it gets rather dark…
div 5
The lamp absolutely makes this photo
div 6
She was always saying he sounded like a broken record. Joke’s on her now

div 7
With his unwavering dedication to the cause, even the bike wasn’t safe
div 8
I love that this has been delicately put back on the wall
div 9
This looks like some sort of trick or illusion. In reality, it’s just the work of a very upset man

div 10
If you look closely, you can tell that they aren’t his real sunglasses
That’s what I call a cold call
And if you were wondering, no he didn’t use a handsaw

A bold statement though he may have made, I can’t help but think that by far the better option would have been to divvy up the items between the two of them. This would have saved them literally thousands of euros. All the same, he had a point to make and he made it.