Kid Dies After XBOX One Launches Disc Out To Slice His Throat


What happens when game technology turns deadly?

Young lives are lost and family’s are mourning. Tragedy struck in Phoenix, Arizona when young 17-year-old Marcus Davenport was operating his Xbox One when all of the sudden the unthinkable happened. While trying to get the disk out of the machine, seconds later it suddenly ejected with such force that it sliced his throat.

Gaming takes up a huge amount of time for young guys like Marcus. They go through game after game, testing their skills and attempting to reach higher levels. Video gaming is generally thought of as a much physically safer activity than venturing outdoors and engaging in activities such as sports, skateboarding and bike riding.

Marcus was an active gamer and apparently posting gaming videos to youtube was one of his favorite pastimes. After inserting Call of Duty into his machine, Marcus played the game and then when finished tried to eject it, but it was not coming out properly. Naturally as one does when situations like this occur, Marcus began pounding the console. The disk did finally eject, but at a speed and position that would end up proving fatal. Marcus bled out from the severe laceration caused by the disk striking his neck.


His mom found him at 3 a.m. laid out on the ground and bleeding. She called paramedics, but sadly it was too late.

“My son loved playing his Xbox One. He was a good student in school so I had no problems with him playing the game as much as he wanted. He also had a Youtube channel dedicated to games. He made a decent amount of money from making videos so I thought he was being very productive. I never thought the game would kill him,” said Marcus’ mother.