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Kids Wrote Scenes For A ‘Magic Mike’ Reenactment And The Results Are HILARIOUS!

Ever wondered what kids think about the scandalous movies everyone secretly loves to watch? Well, Jimmy Fallon got an answer to that question with the help of Channing Tatum.

Without any prior knowledge of the story behind Magic Mike XXL, a movie about male strippers, kids were asked to write a scene from the movie depicting what they thought it’d be about. As anyone would have guessed, the results were absolutely hilarious.

This wasn’t Jimmy’s first time at the rodeo, either. He’s participated in kid theater before, acting out scenes from Birdman with Michael Keaton. Channing is no stranger to comedy either, he recently attended a screening for Magic Mike XXL disguised as a middle-aged man and gave fans the surprise of a lifetime.

In the video, Jimmy and Channing act out those kid-written scenes and try so desperately to keep a straight face.

Magic Mike helps out a fallen friend, Josh, whose bike tire seems to be deflated. Mike pulls out his “Magic Bike Pump” and goes to work. But as he pumps, Magic Mike learns some valuable information… Maybe he isn’t really magic after all, maybe he’s just regular old Mike.

I found myself holding back tears of laughter as this duo read the scripts — both Jimmy and Channing’s reactions were priceless.