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Little Boy Shows The Internet How To Make The Perfect Rap Song In 30 Seconds

Jordan Bijan is quite the talented little 5-year-old boy. While most kiddos his age aren’t too concerned with the rap game, he’s spending his time perfecting his rap lyrics and working on new beats.

Not only is this little boy’s “flow” extraordinary, but it turns out that he can play keyboards, drums, is quite the accomplished dancer, and above all else he loves his parents! Even if his mom doesn’t let him have a cookie!

This little musician certainly knows how to keep the crowd begging for more; with over 1.5 million views, we’re sure that this talented youngster is going places. Hopefully, his attitude gets a bit better as he grows up though… “Just deal with it,” isn’t the best response to an angry mom!

Showing all of us how to add a proper beat, supported by piano, strings, bass, and finally lyrics, we’re so happy that little Jordan was able to star in this fantastic viral hit. We especially love when he says that he has “more street cred than Drake.” After listening to his rhymes, you’ll just have to agree!

Even though it was released two years ago, this video is still worth watching again. We’re happy to see that little Jordan is surrounded by a family that loves to have fun with their little boy!