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Little Girl Picks Out A Horse To Bring Home, But I Never Expected THIS!

Ladies and gents, I think we’ve found the most wonderful ad of 2015 — and no one in the United States has seen it yet!

The ad marks the debut spot in Leo Burnett Melbourne’s campaign for the Honda CR-V Series II. It’s nothing short of spectacular, but I’m warming you – the only way to enjoy this commercial is to let your imagination fly.

When his daughter realizes the head popped off her favorite toy – a pink, plastic horse — he decides to do the unthinkable for her. After packing his daughter and son into the RV, it’s off to Ranch of the Rainbow, home of Prismatic Horses.

What happens next is truly the stuff of fantasy, and every little girl’s dream come true. You see, there’s something different about the horses at this ranch. No, they’re not brown, black, or white; their coats represent all the colors of the rainbow! Red, blue, purple, green, and of course, cotton candy pink. The girl points out the prized pink horse to her dad before taming the free-spirited animal all by herself.

But perhaps the most adorable moment comes at the very end, courtesy of the little girl’s brother who sits stunned in the backseat of the RV. I won’t give it away — but pay attention to what he holds in his hand.

“The idea came from the insight that having children is its own adventure, and sometimes you have to go on a bit of a wild goose chase to appease the imagination of a young child,” executive creative director Jason Williams told Adweek.