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Man At Subway Can’t Believe His Eyes When A Cashier Hands Him Back A Treasure Lost Years Ago…

Grace met Peter Bilello while he was in Italy visiting his mother in the early 1960s, ABC News reports. Forty days after they met, Grace and Peter married, and remained married until Grace lost her battle to cancer in November of last year.

Shortly after they married, the couple moved to Connecticut, were they eventually raised a family.


In 2001, Grace was diagnosed with breast cancer and three years later the cancer returned, forcing her to go through a second round of chemotherapy and radiation.

“I was close with my wife,” Peter tells ABC News. “Anything she said, I would take care. Doctors, hospitals. I was with my wife all the time. And it made a lot of difference, for sick people to have support of the family. I was very supportive of my wife, that’s why she lasted 13 years.”

While Grace was still battling cancer in 2009, Peter came up with the idea that they would each sign a dollar bill, “Grace B.” and “Peter B.,” and that he would keep those dollars in his wallet, forever.

Why did he decided that they would sign dollar bills? Peter isn’t sure, it just“came into his mind.”

However about a year later, while he was out grocery shopping, he accidentally used those two dollars to make a purchase.

“By mistake I went shopping,” he says. “I don’t know where I used the 2 dollars. I came home and told my wife… ‘Grace, I made a big mistake today. I’m never going to see the dollars again.’”

About four years after Peter lost their signed bills, the loving couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary; just five months later Grace passed away.

And then something happened.

Last week, Peter was out with his 14-year-old granddaughter, Ashley, for lunch.

He gave his granddaughter $10 to pay the bill and when she returned with the change, Ashley handed her grandfather a bill they’ve seen before.

It was the dollar bill that was signed “Grace B.”

“I said, ‘Oh my God, Ashley, look.’ We started to cry,” Peter recalls. “We were so happy to get the dollar back. I never thought I’d get that dollar back.”


It wasn’t until Peter’s reaction did Ashley realize what she had just returned to her grandfather.

“I told my granddaughter, we’re going to go straight to the cemetery, and tell nonna, my wife, that we got the dollar back.”

“I showed the dollar to my wife and said, ‘Grace, look, I got your dollar back.”

That dollar is now in a safe place and Peter credits Grace with making this miracle happen from above.

“It happened to be the right time and right place,” he tells ABC News.“Nothing like this could happen. It’s got to be a miracle.”

As for where the dollar is that Peter signed, he isn’t sure. But all signs point to it returning into good hands.