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Man SUES Wife For Fraud When He See’s Her Without Make-Up

The man reportedly came home from work one night and didn’t even recognise his own wife. At first he thought there was an intruder in the house. But he soon realised it was actually his wife.

He feels cheated says our source. Devastated by the truth the man is trying to sue his wife for $13,000 for  ‘incomparable depict’.

makeup 1
Thanks to the internet the amount of make-up tutorials is endless, and if you have got a talent with a brush you can pretty much make yourself look like anyone you like. Whether it’s contouring techniques, or how to make your lips look 3 times there actual size, the internet will show you how.

It only takes a quick search in YouTube to see the extent of the reviews on top quality products. It’s everywhere, you can’t escape it.

Here’s what a source speaking on behalf of the man said:
make up 2

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