Man Wearing El Chapo Halloween Costume Mistaken For Drug Lord Shot By Local Texas Police


Houston Texas – A Man Wearing An El Chapo Costume Is Mistaken To Be Mexico’s Top Drug Lord And Is Shot By Local Texas Police.

Texas Police Department got a 911 call that Mexico’s top drug lord “El Chapo”  was spotted at a local restaurant.

When local Police arrived at the scene they immediately saw the man with the costume through the restaurants window and immediately requested backup.

Police barged into the restaurant yelling Police hands up they said that the man got up really quick but police mistaked his cell phone with a gun and was shot several times in the chest.


Houston Police Posted An Update On There Twitter Account:Screen-Shot-2015-10-18-at-10.45.18-PM

El Chapo Halloween Costume Is Set To Be A Big Hit This Year Watch The Video For More Information:

Additional details and information will be updated as it becomes available. This story is still developing