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Mom Can’t Get Daughter To Wake Up For School, So She Hires A Marching Band

Imagine being 10-year-old Sophie and waking up to a group of strangers in your bedroom. Eek! Sophie’s mom has been having trouble getting her little girl up for the first day of school in the morning she decided to get a little creative.

Mom called her favorite radio program, The Bert Show, and decided to pull a harmless prank on her. Rather than setting an alarm, she hired a five-piece marching band.

We’ve seen plenty of pranking parents before. But, we must say, even the mom who pranked her son by leading him to believe he was in trouble when she was really giving him a birthday present has got nothing on Sophie’s mom.

Needless to say, the boisterous and loud band got her up in time for school. She looks totally shocked but once she sees mom standing in the corner beaming, she knows everything is OK.

Mom hands her the phone to talk to radio host Bert. He asks her jokingly, “Are you up now?” She replies unenthusiastically, “Yeah.”

Every shares a few good laughs then finally Sophie adds, “I guess I’ll have to buy some earplugs.”

It may seem like a bit of a rough prank but I remember being a kid and stubbornly refusing to get out of bed. Especially after the fun summer months, who wants to be stuck in a classroom when they could be playing outside?

Ah, but school is important and, as Sophie has learned, so is having a bit of a sense of humor!

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