Mothers of the 14-year-old Boys Lost at Sea Reveal If They Believe Their Sons Are Still Alive

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Pamela Cohen and Carly Black, the mothers of the two 14-year-old boys who vanished off the Florida-coast while fishing, are speaking out about their sons.


On Sunday, Pamela, Perry’s mom, talked with WPBF 21 News about the last thing Perry said to her before he headed out to fish with friend, Austin Stephanos.

“‘Love you, Mom. You’re my best girl.’ He’s my best boy,” she said.

Carly, Austin’s mom, says their boys have a very strong bond and they work as a team.

Earlier, the mothers spoke with the Today Show’s Savannah Guthri, stating they know their boys are still out there waiting to be found, and that’s what has kept them going during the search.

“The faith and belief and the knowledge of the skills that our boys possess,” Pamela says. “They are extremely athletic and knowledgable about the water, and we know that they are doing everything that they possibly can to stay afloat and wait for us to come get them.”

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos live in a boating community with their families and have been on the water since before they could walk.

Some reports suggest the boys were intentionally traveling toward the Bahamas, but Carly Black, Austin’s mother, doesn’t believe that.

The morning of July 24 was just like any other time the boys took the boat out on the water to fish.

“I believe they were going out off-shore to fish and something happened,” Carly tells the Today Show. “The bad weather rolled in around 2 o’clock and something went amiss. And we are going to ask them when they get in ‘what happened’ because this isn’t normal.”

According to Fox News, the two boys were last seen in Jupiter, Florida, buying gas and fishing supplies. Three days later, their 19-foot boat was found capsized 67-miles off the coast of the Ponce De Leon Inlet.

One life jacket was still in the motor boat.

The coast guard is using a large vessel, an Ocean Sentry airplane, and a rescue helicopter to assist in their search.