Mum Wears Son’s Cap And Gown To Accept Diploma After His Death

Graduation day bought a mixture of emotions for one Illinois high school, both mourning and celebration were felt after 18-year-old Aaron Dunigan, the school’s homecoming king and star quarterback was killed just days before in a car crash.

The teen was heading home after prom in the early hours of last Saturday morning with two of his classmates when the car cross a median and crashed into another car, tragically killing the football star and the 56-year-old driver of the other car.

The driver of the vehicle, David Peden, 18, has been charged with DUI and causing death and reckless homicide with a motor vehicle. A third teen suffered a broken jaw and other injuries and was also picture with Aaron’s mother on the day of graduation.28F3B24000000578-3091739-Struggle_Jackson_hugged_Mike_one_of_her_son_s_best_friends_at_th-a-90_1432240401408

As students grieved Dunigan, they also paid tribute to him as his mother walked the stage in his place to accept his diploma for him.

A deeply emotional event in which what is usually a celebration by all is tainted by the loss of a friend and a son who had an aspiring future ahead of him.