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Name Something Men Do Better Than Women?

Until six or seven weeks after conception all human embryos are technically speaking “female.” What happens at that point? The embryos destined to be males are infused with the hormone testosterone (female’s receive much smaller doses of the hormone).

It’s testosterone that largely determines “maleness” and it actually directs the development of the male embryo toward a totally different path from that of the female embryo; and not just in physical appearance.

The very inner workings of a male’s brain and nervous system are wired differently from that of a female. That’s why there are thought process differences between men and women. That’s why men are more aggressive than women and strive for power and dominance much more than do women. That’s why men are better at some things than women and women are better than some things than men.

List below are ten things men do better than women. Remember, this isn’t saying women can’t do these things well, it’s just they can’t in general do them better than men.

1. Men are natural competitors. They want to beat the other guys. It’s not about how the game is played it’s about winning.

2. Men are able to maintain physical exertion to a higher level and longer than can women due to their larger muscle mass and greater lung capacities.

3. Men are typically better at the sciences than are women. Men’s brains are highly specialized and enable them to reason better than women.

4. Men are explorers and take risks much more than do women.

5. In line with #5 is the fact that men are better visionaries than women. Men’s minds perceive and think about the long term future which is even defined differently by men and women.

6. Because men arerisk takers they are also able to perceive and face dangers better than women. Husbands, ever notice how women are adept at setting “booby traps” in the home?

7. Men embrace change better than women

8. Men are able to handle colder temperatures better than women

9. Men are better leaders than women

10. Men are better with spatial recognition. Notice how women often misperceive distances while driving.

Again, the reader shouldn’t take any of the above as “sexist” or an attempt to debase women.

Men aren’t better than women, they’re just better than women at some things in life. Remember too that with every strength there is an associated weakness; men have plenty of those too.

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For more information on differences between men and women examine some of the sources listed below.blk11