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Newlywed Waitress Gets A $0 Tip For Doing Her Job. Her Response? Wow…

Jessica Morris had just returned from a wonderful honeymoon with her amazing new husband. But after a relaxing vacation they had to get back to work.

The happy couple are both servers at a local restaurant, and while it was hard to get back into the working groove, they eventually found it. That is until one particularly busy day that Jessica was serving a table of four.

The table had two couples seated; both were newlyweds celebrating their honeymoons. Jessica, a personable and friendly waitress, did everything she could to keep the table happy. So at the end of the night, she gave them the check and was pleased with how jovial everyone seemed to be.

When she picked up the check she was shocked to find a $0 tip along with a note saying, “He’s my husband, find your own. Good luck :).” On top of everything, this Jenny woman had stolen Jessica’s very last pen!

Jessica tried to keep her cool, but when she came home later that night she decided to write a public letter to this jealous woman. Jessica was quite happy in her new relationship and was honestly aghast at Jenny’s note.


Jessica and Travis Morris were married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their friends and family.


Right afterwards they went on an incredible cruise for their honeymoon. But once they were done they went straight back to working their stressful jobs waiting tables. They depend on good tips for good service on a day-to-day basis.


But when Jessica received an offensive note written on her $0 tip she just had to say something about it!2

Read Jessica’s incredible response below!3

#2 Some background…


#3 Jenny VS Jessica


#4 Not cool, Jenny! Not cool at all..


#5 Jenny put in her place!


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