Officers Were Called To Check Out A Parked Car. What They Found Is Heartbreaking

No matter how many times people are warned about how dangerous it is to leave your dog inside a caron a hot day, even with the windows down, there still seem to be countless uneducated individuals doing just that. It should be as simple as realizing how sweaty we get after ten minutes in a car without the A/C blasting…add a built-in fur coat and you’re closer to understanding how our pets feel. But somehow it just keeps happening.

Officers in Roswell, New Mexico, encountered that sad fact when they were called to a parking lot on a day where it was 97 degrees Fahrenheit outside…and even worse inside the metal car.

In a matter of minutes, the temperature inside the vehicle had reached 150 degrees.

Thankfully, after testing the temperature and realizing just how badly the poor pup was in need, the officers brought him out of the car and called their friends at the fire department to help cool the cutie off with their hoses.

When the owner returned, he was charged with cruelty to animals. Ignorance is no excuse for the suffering a pet endures.