One Million People Are Shocked By What This Old Homeless Man Does Outside The Restaurant

Sometimes, it’s the people who have the least who give back the most.

Such is the case in this incredible video from Hooman TV. In it, a compassionate “prankster” asks strangers if he can have some of their food, as he’s hungry and has no money. A hidden camera films the results, as one by one, the man is turned down. No one wants to share their food with him. But then, he decides to flip the script. Another guy from Hooman TV brings food to a homeless man sitting outside of the restaurant alone. He’s an elderly disabled Army veteran in desperate need of a meal. Minutes later, the same guy who was asking for food inside the restaurant approaches the homeless man and asks for some of his food.

Will he share it? The outcome may surprise you. The video quickly went viral, and more than one million people have weighed in on the results.

Make sure to watch until the very end, because it just keeps getting more and more touching. I couldn’t help but tear up watching the homeless veteran’s care and compassion for others, despite the fact he’s so often ignored by society. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!