Parents Petition To Remove Toy That Turns Into Something Frightening For Their Children

Do you want to buy toys for your children? When buying toys for your children, it essential that you become meticulous. Make sure that the toys you will buy for them suit to their preferences, gender and age. You must not choose toys that can frighten children because it might affect their behavior and capacity to socialize. Parents must keep on mind such things. It is one main reason why Nicole Allen along with other parents wanted to file a petition for the removal of a certain toy available at $ 100 Store.

Probably, you are asking why Nicole Allen and other parents want to remove the toy called ‘’Evil Stick’’ from the shelf of $ 100 Store. Most parents buy toys in order to make their children happy and enjoy their childhood. That was Nicole Allen’s intention when she bought the toy ‘’Evil Stick’’ for her child. She does not know that ‘’Evil Stick’’ is a toy that comes with hidden feature that can frighten her child. Nicole Allen hopes to make her daughter smile and feel happy but the toy ‘’Evil Stick’’ caused opposite reaction to her child. She taught that the toy supposed to make her child smile because it can invoke happy thoughts because the packaging of the toy is attractive.

The packaging of the toy ‘’Evil Stick’’ is appealing for children and parents. Probably, it is one reason why most children want to have this toy. It is attractive to the eyes of children because its packaging emphasizes fairy tales and lovely swirls which are relatively appealing for children. The hidden feature of the toy is not indicated in the packaging of the toy that’s why most parents buy ‘’Evil Stick’’.

The toy comes has hidden feature that can relatively frighten your child once opening the foil on its wand. This thing happened to Nicole Allen and other parents. They were surprised to know that instead of having a hidden picture of unicorn or fairy, there was an annoying photo of a young girl with a frightening look. The photo of the girl is hurting herself which is not a good example for children who will use the ‘’Evil Stick’’. However, the owner of the store, Amar Moustafa defended the availability of the toy at $ 100 Store; Amar said that parent must be cautious enough choosing items to buy for theur children. He also said that the name of the toy ‘’Evil Stick’’ is a sign that there is something malicious to the feature of the toy.

In line with this, Nicole Allen and other parents said that packaging of the toy must include all the features of the toy so that parents will determine if the toy suits to their children. Parents also questioned toy’s label saying that it suits for children 3 years old and above. They are now planning to file a petition to remove the toy ‘’Evil Stick’’ because it is a toy that can frighten children.