Pedophile Murdered By Gang After They Give Him Taste Of Own Medicine

Yikes… This gang of dudes really took it to the extreme. They thought this was “giving him a taste of his own medicine” by feeding him dog faeces. After that they pissed all over him and murdered him by ‘sexually assaulting him with broom handle’

The four men killed 63-year-old Terry Oldham after deciding his perverted past made him “fair game”.creep

A murder investigation was launched when police found extensive groin injuries on Mr Oldham’s battered body.

A post mortem revealed the assault with the broom handle had injured Mr Oldham internally causing poisoning which led to organ failure.


He was routinely bullied and assaulted by them, they took his money and they stole his possessions. They knew he was a convicted sex offender so viewed him as fair game.

The court heard Mr Oldham had been convicted of indecently assaulting a girl aged under 14 in 1987 and was subject to a sexual offenses prevention order as a result.


H/T Mirror