Jus' Funny

People Laugh As Two Female NYC Police Can’t Get Man Down


Somewhere in NYC two policewomen are caught on video while being unable to detain a fleeing man in an unnamed housing project or apartment tower. It is unknown for what offense the policewomen are trying to take this man into custody but it is known that they were unable to do so.
       A couple of the onlookers, of course, break out there camera phones and record the incident. They wannabe photojournalists can be loudly heard on the audio track hooting and hollering as they cheer the escapist on when the man makes his getaway.
       The two policewomen appear to be diminutive in size, while the ‘suspect,’ Physically much larger, turns and jives and twists his way back to freedom. The hecklers sound well pleased that the man is able to run off into the background. The man has apparently escaped potential arrest and possibly a later conviction. Most likely, his escape could be counted as an additional charge of resisting arrest, or even felony assault on a police officer.
       At any and all rates, the man was most recently seen going, “That a way!” The policewomen appear confused and disorganized. They will probably soon think twice before returning to patrol this particular block where they seem to be outnumbered, and in this case, outwitted. Better luck next time, rookie. For a guy that size be prepared for a brawl. He surely isn’t going to go quietly.