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Police knocked on this grandmother’s door for a reason that baffled her

Anne Feast, much like many grandmothers, spends a portion of her free time knitting. She puts many of her creations in her front window, but one piece drew attention in a way she never expected — or at least, that’s her story.

After giving Cilla the gorilla — a knitted, stuffed animal she had recently created — a place to hang, Ely News reports that two police officers allegedly approached her at home regarding the “black body” suspended in her window.
Feast told Ely News that she was visited by a couple officers — one male, and one female — around 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 17, 2014. “They told me that they needed to speak to me about the ‘black body’ hanging in my window.”
Her response to the officers: “Pardon? Do you mean the baby gorilla?”
According to Feast, the officers mentioned that “the gorilla had offended a passer-by,” before telling her she needed to take it down, but Feast held strong. 
“I told them there was no way I was taking it down and, to be honest, I basically closed the door in their face. I was so shocked.”
In the interview, Feast stated that she wished she asked the officers what the complainant found offensive, before suggesting that it might be race-related, “I presume it was either the way she was hanging or the fact Cilla is black, both of which are quite frankly pathetic.”
Feast confirmed to Ely News that the police haven’t been back since. Additionally, she stated that she didn’t see a police vehicle at the time of the incident. 
Interestingly enough, Ely News wrote that police deny any record of the officers’ visit.
It’s worth noting that the only news organization Feast talked to was Ely News. When coupled with the fact that the police have no record of this event, it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at the story. The most recent comment from FiestaRed1 on Ely News’ article is rife with skepticism, 
“The Police having no record of any visit…no apparent return? Hmm. In any event, would the Police really knock on someone’s door and ask them to take down a knitted animal because it is “offensive?” 
Another Ely News reader suggested another option, wondering if “anyone considered the possibility of it being bogus police officers trying to pull a con.” 
Let us know where you stand in the comments below, and be sure to share this story with your friends. If you want to see the note that Feast has posted at her residence in response to the alleged complainant, be sure to check out the video clip down below!