Pregnant Mom Is Rushed To The Hospital. Then Dad Notices A Hidden Clue In This Photo..


Brigette and Chris Honey were excited to add twins to their family of three boys. Little did they know that Brigette’s pregnancy would become a complicated ordeal. When she went into labor, her blood pressure and heart rate dropped. After delivering twins Abby and Austin, she was experiencing an amniotic fluid embolism. Her chance of survival was a mere 20 percent.

“I went down to the second floor and there was a nurse that met me,” recalls Chris. “She asked if I was Mr. Honey and said I need you to step in this room, and as soon as I walked in that room my heart dropped.” Chris feared his five children would grow up without a mother. The internal bleeding required two surgeries. Chris started a prayer page for his wife on Facebook, and within days there were thousands of well wishes and kind words.

But it was when Chris looked at a photo he snapped of his wife that he became especially hopeful — it was another Thanksgiving miracle birth. The photo showed Brigette holding her pregnant belly, but there was something around her head that looked distinctly like a halo. Chris believed that his wife was being watched over. So when doctors couldn’t believe how quickly Brigette began to recover, Chris already had the answer in his heart.

“All the doctors so far today said that it’s just incredible how fast she’s recovering because we have two other kids together and I just don’t know what we would do without her,” said Chris. “She’s amazing.”