Reality Star Shows Off Photo of Baby But It’s What Is On the Nightstand That Has People Talking

North Carolina-based MTV reality star Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright was used to attention from her television show “Party Down South.”


Now, thanks to a candid photo of her husband and infant posted on her Facebook account, she is finding herself in the unique position of having to defend her rights.


The perceived problem? There is a gun on the nightstand, near the sleeping baby.

The firearm is in safety mode, Wright was quick to point out, but that didn’t stop an onslaught of negative reactions.

She told TMZ she was unfazed by the criticism, however, saying she is just doing her duty to protect her family:

“By God I will unload on somebody if they break in and try to hurt me or my family,” she said.

Wright also appeared in front of TMZ’s cameras to defend her gun ownership.


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“If someone breaks in, I’m killing them,” she said.

It is, however, a misdemeanor in North Carolina to leave a gun unattended where a child could reach it, though the law may not apply to a baby as young as Wright’s.