Robber Assaults 84 Year Old Man, Heads Towards His Wife – Satisfying Video Shows Next Moments

In Tulsa, Oklahoma a robber found out the hard way just how dangerous it can be when you put another man’s wife in danger. On Monday night, getting inside his truck which was parked outside of his Tulsa business, Doug Jandebeur, 84, was approached by a robbery suspect and his wife was on the passenger side

Surveillance video obtained by KOTV-TV  reveals the robber sneaking up on Jandebeur, and then saying,“Don’t turn around, don’t turn around.”

Initially thinking it was a prank by his friends, he then received a punch to the side of his face, which indicated this was no prank.

Jandebeur’s wallet was then taken and then the robber headed towards the other side of the truck where his wife was. Big mistake.

Although the suspect escaped, his face was caught on surveillance camera. Hopefully he won’t be free for long. Despite the bruise left on his face, Jandebeur wasn’t concerned with it, and wanted to give some advice to his fellow Americans:

“Anybody who doesn’t arm themselves is asking for trouble,” he said.