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Robin Williams’ Last Movie Trailer Was Just Released, And It’s Giving Me Chills…

Robin Williams passed away before all of his work could hit the silver screen – and we just watched the trailer for his final drama. I’m not generally a softie, but make no mistake – I reached for the tissues on my desk. I’ll be seeing this film in theaters.

In the movie Boulevard, Robin Williams plays a bank manager named Nolan who’s life is crumbling beneath his feet. He’s in what one would call a midlife crisis when he meets a young man who makes him realize what he’s been avoiding for his entire life. Prairie Miller of WBAI Radio called his performance uncommonly compassionate, candid, and courageous. I’d have to agree.

In the following 1:40 second trailer for Williams’ last movie, we see a final brilliant performance. Robin Williams does what he did best in his all-too-short life, he makes us laugh and cry without skipping a beat.

Robin was a source of inspiration and laughs for so many people around the world. It’s hard to imagine that he’s gone, but I know one thing for sure… He will never be forgotten. The world lost more than just a brilliant actor when we lost Williams, we lost a revolutionary.

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