Roommates Purchased This Couch For $20, But Were Stunned To Find This Inside

Three New York roommates purchased a couch at goodwill for a mere $20, but later realized that its value was more than ten times that amount. Cally Guasti and her two roommates live in New Paltz, 75 miles north of New York City. The trio went to goodwill in attempt to furnish their apartment for cheap. When the $20 couch they purchased seemed lumpy, they decided to investigate.

One night, after curiosity had taken over, roommate Reese Werkhoven opened a zipper on one of the couch arms and found an envelope. The envelope contained $4,000, and it was the first of many that they discovered. All in all, the roommates found just over $40,000 stuffed in the couch, all bills bubbled wrapped and place inside of envelopes. “Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed,” Lara Russo said,”I wanted to put it back in the couch and like re-find it in the morning when I can process it better.”
Neighbors of the roommates thought they had won the lottery as a result of all the screaming they heard. “My mouth was literally hanging open – everybody’s was – it was an unfathomable amount,” Cally said. Amongst the many envelopes was a deposit slip with a woman’s name on it. The following morning, the three roommates did the right thing and reached out to her. Soon after they hand delivered the money to the 90-year-old widow, who cried in gratitude when it was returned. See a news report about the story below.