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Seconds After Hitting A Woman, This Thug Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma

This is seriously the CRAZIEST video I have ever seen! I had to watch it over and over.

Justice is served when a big man shows a little punk who’s boss at a Waffle House after witnessing him beat a woman in the restaurant.

“You touch her again and you will be my mother f****** BREAKFAST!” is one of the warnings the big boss slams to this pathetic human being’s face.

Things intensify when he starts shaking the abuser by his clothes and continues yelling in his face, humiliating the punk in front of everyone even more. We find out one of the reasons the big boss is standing up so strong for the victim is because he watched his mother get beat growing up. This made me tear up until the abuser responds by saying he watched his mother get beat up too- I am disgusted.

However, the hilarious is part is the idiot and his minion attempt to finally defend themselves so they have to stand on the chairs to get to the Terminator’s level. The fools then threaten to shoot him but just when you thought the big boss couldn’t get more legendary, he responds with “It won’t be the first time. Shoot me.”

You have to watch the entire EPIC video! (NOTE: strong language)