She Grabs A $10 Bill Off The Ground… What She Does With It? We Should All Try This!

Nowadays, we’re all so plugged in that it can be difficult to remember that there are good things happening all around us — that’s the very reason all of us here at LittleThings come to work every day.

Startup media entity Mashable has teamed up with American Greetings to put together a story that illustrates just how we share our information — which results oftentimes in sharing the things rather than people we’re thankful for. A tasty meal with friends? A successful trip to a new place? How often do we truly take a moment to appreciate the many people who made those little steps along the way possible?

Social media can be a positive way to manifest positive change, and this video is certainly an exceptional example. We loved its message of slowing down and taking the time to appreciate the acts of kindness we experience on an interpersonal level.

Mashable challenges viewers to the following: “Here’s a challenge for your week: Be conscious of the people in your life who lift your mood — and say ‘thank you’ when you notice it. Your appreciation may just be the little thing to make that person’s day.”