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She Sprays Her Old Toys Gold. When I See The Result, I’m Trying This ASAP

Somewhere in the depths of my attic is an old box of toys ready for resurrection. This clever DIY lamp project brings once-discarded toys back to life in the most amazing way. Repurposing old household items is a great way to clear space, bring new life to your home, and have some creative fun in the process.

She begins the video by gluing her childhood plastic play-things to the post of her lamp. One by one she creates a jumbled lamp base from Buzz Lightyear, The Hulk, Spiderman, and others. In my opinion this looks kinda cool as it is, but when she paints the entire ensemble in shimmering gold, it instantly becomes the mother of all conversation starters.

If your old toys are too near and dear to your heart (and some might be worth serious money these days), or if you got rid of them long ago, check out your local thrift store or a nearby garage sale for a cheap and easy way to acquire some more. I personally think the Buzz Lightyear at the top is a nice touch, what do you think?