She Stuffed Toast Into A Mug And Put It In The Microwave. What She Pulls Out- YUM!

French toast is definitely one of my favorite breakfast items. In fact, I love it so much, I even eat it for lunch (brunch anyone?!).

The sweet, moist and delicious treat comes in so many different varieties, but my personal favorite is cinnamon raisin. The added fruit makes it feel just a little bit healthier (lol).

The only downside to this yummy dish is that it can be somewhat of a hassle to make. So, when I learned you can actually make french toast in the microwave, you can imagine my excitement!

Now I can make a delicious french toastbreakfast for one, and in a snap! All you need is toast, eggs, milk, butter, seasonings of your choice, and a coffee mug! This is so dangerously easy to make, I could see myself whipping up a batch every single morning!

I’m so excited to say that I tried it and it came out amazing! After you try this, why not try poaching an egg in a coffee mug too!