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She Thought They Were Happily Married…Until She Came Home To This. I Am OUTRAGED

I’m a fairly anxious person, so I have all sorts of nightmare scenarios that I worry about from time to time. Examples include: 1) Cormac McCarthy-style apocalypse. 2) My future child turns out to be a serial killer. 3) Bedbugs.

There’s one nightmare scenario, however, that I never worried about, because it honestly never occurred to me. That scenario? Being married to a guy who would bulldoze my home without telling me.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Middletown, NY homeowner Diane Andrews-Shack. This past winter, her husband, James Rhein, apparently got frustrated with slow-moving renovations on their shared home, and decided to, very literally, scrap the project.

Without notifying his wife or getting any of the appropriate licenses from the town, Rhein rented a bulldozer, and razed the ramshackle home to the ground. He didn’t even bother to remove the couple’s possessions from inside before setting into it.

Andrews-Shack, whose name was on the deed, came home later that day to find her house destroyed and her belongings ruined and scattered. When reporters asked Rhein why he didn’t simply wait until his wife was home to let her remove her things, he answered, “I tried calling her. She didn’t answer the phone.”

Rhein claims that his wife is fine with the situation, though neighbors say she was visibly upset by the discovery, and later interviews show her to be shaken and puzzled by his action. The police were even more angry, briefly jailing Rhein for criminal mischief.

This nightmarish scenario is horrifying, and it is so important to remember that psychological abuse comes in many different forms. Please SHARE on Facebook to spread the word of Diane Andrew-Shack’s horror story!