She Went to the Doctor & Then Texts Her Husband She Needs An X-Ray. That’s When Her Phone Turns Off…

A Shortpump, Virginia husband is confused and looking for answers.

Mark Ditto told CBS 6 that his wife, Connie, hit her head when she fell last week. After complaining of head pains on Tuesday evening, she told Mark that she was going to get it checked out at the local clinic.


Shortly thereafter she texted Mark to say that she had seen the doctor and that he was sending her to the hospital to get X-rays.

Then, her cell phone was turned off.

Connie’s daughters drove to the Patient First to try and track her down, but what they discovered there left them utterly perplexed.

According to doctors at the clinic, Connie did, in fact, check in to the Patient First but she left before her name was called— a piece of information that differs from what she told her husband.

“I am clueless as to what happened… why would she turn her phone off,” said Mark.

The distressed family is now frantically searching for their loved one. Mark said he has driven all over the county, looking for places she could have crashed her dark blue 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan.


He is worried that her fall could have caused internal bleeding and contributed to her disappearance.

“I fear she’s driven off somewhere, that’s she’s blacked out and gone.”

Meanwhile, clients of her Organic Hair Studio continue to show up for their appointments, but she is nowhere to be found.

“It’s not like her not to cancel appointments,” explained Mark.

Authorities are investigating the case and looking for clues that could link them to this missing mother. Connie is described as being a 5’2″, 115 pound Hispanic woman with brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts should immediately contact the Henrico Police at (804) 501-1000.