Starbucks Denies a Police Officer the Use of Its Restroom and the Reason Why is Causing Quite a Stir


If you’ve ever found yourself desperately in need of a restroom, unable to use the one at the closest store because you’re not a customer, you might feel for one Philadelphia police officer.

As Breitbart reports, Sergeant Leighthardt of the Philadelphia police recounted the story of an unnamed officer who was looking for a bathroom when he stopped at a Starbucks and asked the barista if he could use the one there. He was turned away because he was not a paying customer and directed to a bathroom down the street. However, the officer was so incensed by the treatment he received that he told his sergeant, who posted about it on Facebook:

Leighthardt also pointed out that the Starbucks store in question has often called for police help in dealing with loiterers outside the store and similar issues.

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Starbucks was quick to apologize for the incident and responded to Leighthardt’s post almost immediately.


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Many of those who read Leighthardt’s post sympathized or offered up the bathroom in their own establishment for his or other officers’ use


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However, not everyone who commented had the same perspective. Some took issue with the officer’s conclusions about the barista’s politics.


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Others think politics have nothing to do with it.

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And a few think that it’s unfair to come down on the barista when she was just following the rules.
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Joe Leighthardt clarified his situation and his frustration with this Starbucks specifically:

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What’s your take? Was the barista wrong for not letting him use the restroom or was the officer not entitled to do so since he was not a paying customer? Or does no one come out of this “brew-ha-ha” smelling all that sweet?

Editor’s note: this article was edited for content after publication.