Teen Found Kidnapped Woman At A Bus Stop. His Next move Saves Her Life.

The couple asked Bonnet for money to be able to take the bus, and he generously obliged. He went into a convenience store to get cash, and while inside, he had a moment alone with the woman in which she revealed that the man was holding her against her will. Bonnet told CBC, “The girl was saying, ‘Please help me. He don’t want to let me go. I want to go home but he don’t want to let me go.'”
Understanding the gravity of the situation, Bonnet knew he had to be careful about how he sought out help; he knew that if the man suspected anything, the woman might end up in greater danger. Bonnet started to hash out a plan in his mind, realizing that if he let the couple out of his sight, the police might not be able to find them. “I decided to make myself friendly with the man, so he would trust me. So I played my game,” Bonnet told CBC of his decision to stay with the couple. Bonnet took the same bus as the couple, making casual conversation with the man until all three transferred to the metro to get to Laval; he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to alert police without losing track of the couple.
Once in Laval, Bonnet offered to take the couple to lunch at a Tim Hortons and gave the man $50 to purchase food. Bonnet then excused himself to the restroom where he borrowed a phone from another patron (his phone battery was dead) and was finally able to call the police, who arrived a few minutes later.
Laval police Lt. Daniel Guérin told CBC that the Laval police had already been searching for the woman earlier that day — the 29-year-old had been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend had been on court order to stay away from the woman after he was found guilty of death threats and assault against her in 2014. He was arrested on the spot, and on Aug. 10, he appeared in court to face charges of kidnapping, forcible confinement and assault.
Bonnet has become somewhat of a local hero, receiving praise from the public and police alike, but it’s clear from his demeanor that he’s just happy he was able to help out.
Be sure to watch him tell his remarkable story in the video below.