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Teen Thinks She’s Visiting Her Grandmother. So When Dad Says This, She Is Shocked!

Everyone loves a good surprise, and it looks like this teenage girl won’t be forgetting this moment with her parents for a very long time. Tori thinks she is on her way to the airport to visit her grandmother in Ohio — until her father takes the biggest detour of their life.

While sitting in the backseat, with her parents seated in the front, her father recorded Tori’s reaction when she found out that they weren’t actually headed to grandma’s house — she’s actually going to be spending the next seven days on a memorable trip to Disney World for a little daughter and father bonding! From her shrieks of pure joy, there is no denying that she can’t wait spend a week at the Magic Kingdom with her very thoughtful father, even if that means she’ll have to wait and see her grandmother next time.

And yes, this just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone loves visiting Disney World. Simply put, it’s not just for kids and princess-obsessed toddlers. Young or old, it’s a place for everyone where dreams really do come true — as they certainly have in Tori’s case!