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Teenage Girl Takes Her Senior Portraits At Taco Bell, Wins At Life

Iused to look at teenagers these days and think “Ugh. We’re screwed. These kids are useless.” Between the texting and the snapping and the selfies and the whatever else it is that they’re up to, I sometimes would get worried that teens these days aren’t actually enjoying life outside of their cell phone screens.

But today, a senior named Brittany Nicole Creech proved me wrong.

Teenagers these days aren’t useless (or at least not all of them). Oh, no. If they other ones out there are anything like Brittany, teenagers these days are awesome, as she just did what might possibly be the coolest thing ever- she had her senior portraits done at Taco Bell, thanks toBrendan Batchelor Photography.



Proving that she might just be the funniest teenager/person alive, Brittany apparently joked to her friends that she loved Taco Bell so much that she was going to get her year-end photos done there. When her friends didn’t believe her, she decided to prove them wrong.

Unveiling her photos in a tweet that said “Remember when I told you guys I was gonna get my senior pictures at Taco Bell and you thought I was joking?” Brittany released her pics to the masses  and everyone, of course, ate them up!


4We hope that Brittany got some major props from her classmates, because this is beyond creative. Who knew? I guess teens these days are actually pretty cool.