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The Casts Of ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’ Got Trapped At The Airport. The Result? An Epic Sing Off

Getting stranded at the airport is never a fun experience. Flight delay rates seem to be increasing and the all too common travel headache is made ten times worse if and when you happen to be traveling with children. One group of travelers recently faced the nightmare situation when bad weather forced the airline to delay their flight for 6 hours. However, they lucked out and were stranded with the casts of not just one, but two Broadway musicals! Both the casts of The Lion King and Aladdin happened to be flying from New York to Orlando, Florida and they surprised everyone in the terminal with an unplanned performance.

YouTube user Julie L was among the stuck group at New York’s LaGuardia Airport and she captured the awesome experience on video. The two incredibly talented Broadway casts started to sing and soon a full blown sing-off was in session! Delighted children and fellow passengers took it all in and time must have flown by with these music ensembles battling it out. It’s hard to be angry or sit there and watch the clock when world class performers are putting on a show right in front of you. How could you not enjoy the music and distraction, it’s not like airport terminals are known for being fun and full of excitement.

This performance is not The Lion King casts first impromptu show while traveling. They have done similar ones, such as one on the New York City subway in August of last year, and another on an airplane last April. While it isn’t clear as to whether they are simply practicing or drumming up publicity, one thing is certain; they sure know how to put on a world class show wherever they are.