The Men Gather Behind The Groom, But When They Pick Up Their Feet, The Guests Are Stunned!

Move over, Michael Flatley — there’s a newLord of the Dance in town!

The Ramada Hotel in Belfast was the location for Rob and Mairead’s wedding. The groom teamed up with an army of his best buddies, and much to the surprise of the reception guests, they all took to the dance floor to show off their “fantastic feet of flames.” The result is an unforgettable Irish dancing routine led by the groom himself. They’re perfectly in sync, their moves are spot-on, and they have the personalities to boot. The ladies must have loved to have watched this from the sidelines.

Even the guys who had little experience with Irish dancing totally pulled it off. The last time I was so impressed by an Irish wedding jig, it was when newlyweds and former Riverdancers performedthe “Lord and Lady of the Dance” on YouTube. Did Rob and Mairead top ‘em all? I think so!

Irish step dancing was popularized in 1994 by the world-famous show Riverdance. This style of dance is notable for its rapid leg and foot movements, keeping the body and arms largely stationary.

Wedding reception, plus imbibing, plus top-quality Irish dancing? No wonder Rob called this his “Liverdance.” Ha!