The Real Reason McDonald’s Shakes Cannot Be Called ‘Milkshakes’


Since at least the 1970’s the McDonald’s restaurant chain has been inundated by rumors that they use strange and questionable ingredients in a variety of their products. The accusations and innuendos range from the absurd into the bizarre. Now, it is publicly understood that this also applies to their chain specific “Shakes.”

In the USA McDonald’s is not permitted to use the actual word “milkshake.” The USA’s Food and Drug Administration does not presently allow the company to describe their tasty chilly treat using the word “milk” because it does NOT contain any milk at all. It may be noticed by the public that their menu board terms this item simply “Shakes.”

After undergoing chemical analysis by scientists conducting research it has been determined by their findings that in certainty one of the key ingredients in the drink is something called “sugar infused plastic!” If you’ve ever noticed, McDonald’s shakes refuse to melt. “Sugar infused plastic” is taken to be the reason why even at warm temperatures the beverage retains its thick consistency.

In recent times the FDA (USA’s Food and Drug Administration) which works to protect the citizens of the country by the regulation and monitoring of the substances they ingest has banned the company from including the term “milk” to describe their “shakes.” This is because they contain no dairy at all. The inclusion of a kind of  somewhat ‘edible’ plastic is another of the reasons behind the “milk”-word ban.

It is also widely known that the menu item is chocked-full of an undue amount of fat. The fat comes from the fatty lard incorporated as a key ingredient in the substance. In a recent scientific study people drinking McDonald’s “shakes” versus others drinking normal “milkshakes” both put on weight. However, the ones drinking the dairy-less version gained more weight and at a faster rate.

Even the United States Congress has gotten involved in recent years. The “milkshake law” mandates that Congress would have allowed the restaurant to again describe the still tasty treat using the word “milk” if only they would agree to add a low 2% of the drink’s total ingredient list to include some kind of dairy product. In its current contents no dairy is to be found. As of now McDonald’s has refused to make good by the Congressional qualifier. This is thought to be because doing do would increase their costs and therefore also reduce profit. The company loves profit above most other things. Congressional law still does allow for the “sugar infused plastic” ingredient to be used in the “shake’s” makeup.

In the country of Russia consumer rights activists are nearly ready to take up arms. Yogi Protovokov, a Russian consumer protection supporter, has been quoted as saying, ” . . . You may be able to get away with this sort of thing in the USA, but NOT here in Russia! . . . ” Justly, he may be right.

The best advice going is to avoid the drink altogether. They are fatty and fat is known to be a main contributor to a human’s decreased life span. The modern day present generation is the first ever on earth to be projected to have a lower life expectancy than the generation which proceeded it. Eating fast food is thought to be one of the reasons behind this.

Although there are those people who yearly hungrily await the arrival of McDonald’s green variety of “shake” in the early Spring they should know that the yummy item they long for is made of materials it is not advisable to ingest. Thank goodness for the FDA stateside. Thanks, goodness!

Cheers! To good health! Maybe, even to the tendency to enjoy oneself every once in a while! Enjoying life, however, might best be done by not including the destruction of one’s body both externally as well as internally with very poor food choices. Carry on, America, your appetite for all things good is extreme in the greatest sense.