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The Reason He’s Rubbing A Potato On His Grill Is One You NEED To Know!

It would be of great value to do a little research on the subject and look for tips when grilling food. You want to know how to use the equipment, have the tools on hand you will need, and have all the ingredients ready and in semblance of order. Your grilled food if planned out, will remove any chance of injury, poor taste, food poisoning, or any other tidbit that can turn your meal into a disaster. You will want to try some marinades your guests or family will enjoy so be brave and try a few, making notes for the next session you decide to use your grill. One of the most important pieces of equipment you will need will be a meat thermometer. You will want to meet the desired doneness ‘requests’ but remember that guidelines for consumption of meat products should be taken into consideration so you do not give a chance to a someway cause illness. Food magazines and food shows on TV are full of tips but we are going to give you one big one you will use over and over. Cooking meats like the steak can sometimes leave you challenged. You stand by the hot heat eyeing the time to flip the meat, turn your treasure only to have some of the steak, chop, or burger stick to the grill.

It can be a cause of panic as your beautiful food remains on the lattices. But don’t be sad! Here is the “save the day” tip to prevent disasters like this in the future grilling session.

Get a potato! Slice in half and place on the grill and simply rub the lattices. You will be amazed at how this works, and you will amaze your guests as you turn your dinner over and all of it goes with you instead of sticking. The potato will help give you a summer sustained, non stick surface. Repeat at each session. Enjoy your grilled food!