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The Science Behind Cooking Frozen Steak Is Something Every Foodie Should Know!

Cooking steak is one of the biggest challenges people face in the kitchen. From not thawing the meat long enough to over-cooking the strip, the struggles are endless!

But all of our steak problems are about to be solved thanks to America’s Kitchen Test, where Dan Souza challenges the idea of conventional wisdom of cooking steak. We’ve all heard that frozen steak should be thawed before cooking and he’s about to put that time-consuming theory to the test.

He evenly cuts a large piece of steak into four, placing two of the pieces in the freezer and leaving two of the pieces in the fridge over night. Come morning, he seared both sets of steaks in a hot skillet for 90 seconds on each side, then placed them in a 270 degree oven and bakedthem to a medium rare state.

Then, he weighed each set of steaks to see just how much moisture each steak had. To no surprise, the frozen steaks took longer to cook in the oven at 18-20 minutes, while the unfrozen, thawed steaks only took about 10-15 minutes to cook. But what this kitchen scientist didn’t expect to find was that both sets of steaks browned at the same speed while on the skillet.

What you’d never guess was Dan Souza’s preferred steak by taste. Looks like we’ve been cooking steak all wrong!

It’s a test every foodie should hear, because it’ll change the way you cook steak forever.