These Deadbeat Parents Fell For The Old “Free Tickets To The Iron Bowl” Trick and Were Arrested Instead

Police officers have developed creative ways to capture the wanted, but this video proves just how ingenious the police can be.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Opelika, Alabama came up with one of the funniest and most creative ways to arrest criminals.

Warrants were issued for parents that refused to pay child support. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office waited years for their payments, so they knew they needed to be clever in attaining them. They contacted the parents who owed thousands of dollars in child support, informing them that they had won tickets to the coveted ‘Iron Bowl,’ one of the biggest American college football rivalry games played every year by two famous public universities in Alabama, the Auburn University Tigers and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

The eager football fans who won tickets to the game were excited to say the least. To amplify the winners’ glorifying moment, winners were met with fake employees accompanied with balloons, music and cheers. Little did they know, a sheriff was waiting for them in another room. The excitement came to a sudden halt after the “winners” were lead into the room, where the sheriff revealed the truth about their visit.

To no surprise, the “winners” were blindsided. Joy immediately turned into confusion, and for some, terror. One man was even forced to the ground as he shrieked in disappointment.

As if arresting so many deadbeat parents wasn’t good enough, one detainee asked the funny question, “Will he still get the tickets?”