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These Kids Got In A Fight In The Wrong Teacher’s Class, BIG MISTAKE!

A Vietnam War veteran is being punished for disciplining students the old school way while substitute teaching a middle school class. This is a disgrace.

Police and the State Attorney of Maryland are investigating the honorable veteran after he used his belt to discipline students. When the misbehaving students disrupted and endangered the class by fighting in the middle of the classroom, this substitute teacher did an admirable act by using swinging his belt to stop the fight. Although this veteran wasn’t brutally hitting them while disciplining them and protecting other students, mainstream media is calling the video captured by a student’s cell phone “horrifying.”

Judging by America’s reaction on Facebook though, this Vietnam vet’s disciplinary skills just made him even more of a hero.Screen-Shot-2015-05-20-at-10.46.53-AMThe Teachers Union is not discouraging the substitute’s controversial form of discipline due to the vague laws in Maryland that threaten teachers’ jobs when it comes to separating fights. According to Maryland law, a teacher, security guard, and administrator can use reasonable actions. The law does not clarify the “reasonable actions.” Placing the law in the vulnerability of perspective threatens the unalienable rights of teachers. This means teachers risk their jobs if they touch a student.

Teaching is not an easy job- especially not substitute teaching. This Vietnam veteran deserves praise instead of punishment for separating the fight and teaching them an epic lesson.

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