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These Marines Are At Their Friend’s Wedding, But They Crack Up When He Sings THIS Classic Song!

Everyone in the world loves a Marine. These guys have been put through the most brutal training, the toughest tests of mind, spirit, and physical pain, and have somehow made it through the gauntlet. It takes a special kind of person to become a Marine, and when they’ve finally achieved that lofty goal, they’re a Marine for life!

The kind of mindset that it takes to make it through their training requires a special ability to take everything with a certain sense of humor. When you’ve been sitting in the cold, sleep deprived, for three days straight, only a Marine can manage to live through those conditions all while cracking a joke.

So when you put a large group of these guys together on the wedding day of one of their closest brothers, it’s no surprise that they manage to become a hilarious addition to this special day. Singing the famous hit “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers these Marines show off to the world that they can also carry a tune.

Even though they forget the lyrics from time to time, they’re still amazing at what they do. They could start a business doing this for weddings all across the country!

Make sure to wait for the 1:56 mark of this hilarious video. Even though these guys love to cut up and make jokes, at the end of the day, deep down, they’re all very passionate and loving guys who, above all else, are just looking for a kiss from their special soulmate.

Please let us know if you’ve ever seen such a hilariously talented group of Marines like this before. This is definitely a side of them that we rarely get to see, but we’re sure happy to have seen them relaxing and having fun in celebration of one of their friends “getting hitched!”

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