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These Rare Golden Horses Are So Insanely Beautiful, They Seem Fake!!

If you’ve seen our incredible post on the most beautiful and rare horses in the world, you’ve seen the Akhal Teke.

We received the most questions about this extraordinary breed, so we decided to devote a whole post to its unique beauty.

Akhal Teke’s look too good to be true thanks to their golden coloring and the shimmery sheen of their coats.

While there are only a precious few alive, Akhal Tekes DO, in fact, exist. That’s right…they only LOOK like golden statues. They’re actually made of flesh and blood, just like you and me.

ere’s some more information on one of the most-asked-about animals we’ve ever covered. Enjoy…and be sure to scroll to the end to see a white golden Akhal Teke filly video! This pretty little horse is SUPER frisky!


The mane and tail on this majestic breed of horse are usually sparse, which only enhances their angelic features and makes them seem more statuesque.


Not surprisingly, these elegant horses are often trained to perform dressage.


Perhaps their most extraordinary feature is their bright blue eyes, visible from afar.


Like other horse breeds, Akhal Teke’s have a variety of coat colors. All have a beautiful metallic sheen specific to their breed.


Only 6,600 Akhal Teke’s are alive today. Here’s the most sought-after pale palomino version, also known as a Cremello. Scroll down to see one of these awesome beauties in action!