They Accused Him Of Stealing As He Was Leaving Walmart, But What Happened Next? OMG!

In a Las Vegas, Nevada Walmart, a security offer detains a man on suspicion of stealing.

As you’ll see in the video, the customer becomes irate after the large security guard prevents him from leaving the store.

In the end, bottles are broken…

As is a police in many stores, the man was stopped at a random check.

According to the man in the video, since Walmart doesn’t have a posted sign that says you need to show your receipt, he doesn’t need to comply with the security guard’s demands.

Instead, the man accuses Walmart of profiling him because of his race and appearance.

During the nearly 4-minute fight, the customer points out the fact that dozens of other customers are getting out of the store without the same kind of shopping cart check.

When a manager arrives, he asks her to look at security footage so he can prove he didn’t steal. He grows more irate and tries to grab his belongings and go.

During the video, the man gets into an altercation with the large security guard who knocks him to the ground and smashes several wine bottles. There’s a giant mess.